Welcome to postmaster.mail.de

Here you can find information about the mail.de mail system.

Abuse contact:

If you have any question or cannot find the information you are looking for, please mail us: postmaster@mail.de
If you see any abuse from our systems, please also contact us: abuse@mail.de

IP Addresses of our outgoing mail servers: 2001:868:100:600::216 shout01.mail.de 2001:868:100:600::217 shout02.mail.de 2001:868:100:600::218 shout03.mail.de 2001:868:100:600::219 shout04.mail.de 2001:868:100:600::f153 shout11.mail.de 2001:868:100:600::f154 shout12.mail.de

DKIM signature:

We add a DKIM signature to every mail that leaves our system. Currently we use the following DKIM selector:

You can find more information at mxtoolbox.

Usage of DNSBLs (DNS Blacklists):

As one of our counter measures we use well known, public and private blacklists. If your outgoing IPv4 address is listed on these blacklists, we might block your mails with the following error message:

550 Access denied

We currently use the following 5 DNSBLs: